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Germa-Tech products have been developed for OEM and aftermarket applications, thoroughly tested and manufactured under strict quality control with the world’s finest materials.  Our products have been designed for the wide range of climates and conditions in the Australian market, when applied correctly on sound, properly prepared surfaces as per the current Technical Data Sheets (TDS – available online), using exclusively Germa-Tech products (start to end) the results will meet and exceed all expectations. Aside of natural weathering, change of colour or gloss which would otherwise be expected through fair wear and tear or weathered conditions.


Germa-Tech provides ongoing warranty, without any limitation to time that our products will remain free of any manufacturing defects. This limited lifetime warranty applies provided products are used within any printed expiry dates, the warranty is expressed that the product is free of any manufacture defects and subjects to conditions below.



If you feel any Germa-Tech product is not to your personal satisfaction, it may be returned for a refund, exchange or credit note subject to the following conditions;


  • We receive the goods within 14 days of dispatch.

  • Items and their packaging are received in a re-saleable condition.

  • Items are received with a copy of the original invoice, reason for return and return reference number, call our sales office for details.

  • Items are returned with the postage paid.

  • Requested mixed colours cannot be returned if you are unhappy with your colour choice.  




If you feel any Germa-Tech product has a potential manufacturing defect you should make contact with us immediately by phone or email. In all cases you must be willing to supply proof of purchase in the form of an order ID, invoice, or confirmation email. 

Once proof of purchase has been obtained, we will arrange product or sample repair inspection and testing. If any product manufacturing defect has been determined by Germa-Tech, we will notify you in a timely manner and we will provide you with either a refund, exchange, credit note, or repair. The available return or repair process will depend on whether any defect has been identified by Germa-Tech as resulting in a major or minor fault. If a manufacturing defect is found to be difficult to identify (for example if the product needs to be sent to our laboratory for testing) we will consult with you to determine the results and resolution including but not limited to;

  • No defect has been found

  • A minor fault has been found to have resulted from a manufacture defect, which can be repaired in an acceptable time frame. 

  • A major fault has been found to have resulted from a manufacture defect and the end user is to be offered a replacement, refund, or repair.

  • The product has been damaged/abused through misuse. 

If no defect has been found with the product, it will be returned to the store of purchase to be returned to the consumer.

Unless otherwise stated in a separate written warranty agreement under no circumstances will we have any liability to repair faults or replace Products where:

  • The issue has not arisen solely from manufacturer defective materials. 

  • The goods have been misused or maltreated or have been used, applied, stored, or packaged incorrectly or not in accordance with our              instructions.              

  • Products not manufactured by us have been used with our products, only Germa-Tech products are to be used start to finish.

  • Procedure and process as detailed in Technical Data Sheets are adhered to

  • Natural weathering which is otherwise expected over time which may result in change of colour or gloss and is considered fair wear and        tear.  * vehicle finishes are properly and regularly maintained, including but not limited to regular washing, waxing and polishing. Immediately keep clean of dirt, grime and other contaminants including chemicals, oils, bird and animals droppings 

  • Rectification Work: Before any rectification work is carried out after the final coat of a Germa-Tech product has been applied to fix imperfections or defects you should make contact with us immediately by phone or email. Sub paint layers may not be fully cured and any re-application of top coat may result in adverse reactions. Failure to contact the manufacturer before any rework has been commenced will void any and all product warranties. Under no circumstances will we have any liability to repair faults or replace products if we have not been consulted before rectification work is carried out.                   

Germa-Techs liability shall be limited to the actual cost of the product, i.e. replacement or refund. In no event shall we be liable for any further direct, incidental, special, or consequential damages.







Germa-Tech recommends that when a paint finish reaches a dry film thickness of 300 microns and above, it should either be removed completely, or sanded back to an allowable tolerance which when refinished will not exceed the allowable limit of 300 micron.



Excessive paint film thickness can cause durability problems such as:

  • Cracking

  • Excessive stone chipping

  • Loss of gloss

  • Sinkage

  • Pickling

  • Delamination



Dry film build measures the coating thickness of the cured total paint layer and is measured in microns (µm) or in mil.


A Micron is one thousandth of a Millimetre 


Various equipment manufacturers produce paint film thickness gauges, of varying quality and cost. These gauges are very simple and easy to use.


As part of the initial inspection of a vehicle, prior to paint repair, it should be standard practice to check the paint film thickness and on completion of the repair the final thickness should again be recorded and detailed on a job card.


OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer’s paint finish, is typically 90-10 micron. The thickness of a strand of human hair is ~150 Microns.



Applying coatings in excess of the 300 micron tolerance will void any current or future warranty claims.  At Germa-Tech we are here to help, as soon as you record a coating beyond tolerance, please contact us immediate and we will discuss and appropriate action plan to protect or rework you coating.

Important - please note

All terms and conditions noted are without exception (subject to change without notice).

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